Do you accept returns?

Yes! If you’re not satisfied with your product or it was damaged during shipping, you can contact us (sales@bigsignfx.com) within 14 days of delivery to begin the return/exchange process!

Where do you ship to?

Currently, we ship anywhere inside the United States of America (including Hawaii and Alaska) as well as anywhere in Canada. (please note that since Canada is considered “international shipping” shipping will cost a little more.

Do you do your printing in house?

Yes! All of our design, printing, finishing, packaging, and shipping is all done in our facility (which is located in Southern Oregon).

How long does shipping take?

The average time between when the order is placed and when it will arrive is about 3-5 days.

Is shipping free?

Yes, depending on weight! You can order up to 100 stickers and still get free shipping if they are being shipping inside the US. If you are in Canada, then 100 stickers or less will cost $1.50 for shipping. If you are ordering a lot of stickers and/or posters, shipping prices will increase as the weight increases (ranging from $5-$10 for US and $10-$20 for Canada).

Can I become a PNW by BiG retailer?

We would love to work with you, to begin the retailer process you can email taylor@bigsignfx.com

Do you do custom orders?

Our parent company “BiG sign fx” can do custom orders, but you will need to sign up for membership and supply print ready art. For more information you can visit www.bigsignfx.com.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please contact us!